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Telephone / Out of Hours: 028 3752 6777

Email: info@oreillyandfee.co.uk

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At O’Reilly & Fee, we strive to provide a high quality veterinary service for all animals - large and small. We invest continuously in our practice facilities and in on-going staff training and education in order to constantly improve the standard of care we offer and expand the range of services available.

Telephone: 028 3752 6777
Email: info@oreillyandfee.com

At O’Reilly & Fee, our aim is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care available for both pet owners and patients.

I wish there were more people like you. You care about animals and you also know what they mean to their owners. When I took Boots to you it was the only time she was not scared and was content to sit on the floor. This has not happened before, she always trembled when I took her to the vet. It meant so much when you phoned to ask about Boots. Thank you, Anne.